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Hanna Publications Old Testament Lesson Mapping

*** All worksheets are based on the New King James Version (NKJV) unless otherwise noted. ***

RWS #101: Adam to Jacob

  • L1. In the Beginning
    G2-3: CWP USW WF
  • L2. Adam and Eve Sinned
    G2-3: DM UST
  • L3. Cain and Abel
    G2-3: FB
    G3-4: FB
  • L4. Noah's Ark
    G2-3: HM
    G4-6: HM
  • L5. Tower of Babel
  • L6. Six Promises
  • L7. Abram Shared
  • L8. Abram became Abraham
  • L9. Sodom Destroyed
  • L10. Abraham Lied
  • L11. Abraham Trusted God
  • L12. Isaac and Rebekah
  • L13. Jacob and Esau
  • RWS #103: Moses

  • L1. God Saved Moses
  • L2. Moses and the Burning Bush
  • L3. No Straw
  • L4. Blood and Frogs
  • L5. Lice and Flies
  • L6. Disease, Death and Boils
  • L7. Hail and Locust
  • L8. Darkness and Death
  • L9 Crossing the Red Sea
    G2-3: MZ
  • L10. Sweet to Bitter and Bitter to Sweet
  • L11. Manna From Heaven
  • L12. Water From a Rock
  • L13. Review Game

  • L1. The Tabernacle
  • L2. The Levites
  • L3. The Priests
  • L4. The High Priest
  • L5. Offerings or Sacrifices to God
  • L6. Feast Days
  • L7. Nadab and Abihu
  • L8. Grumbling and Complaining
  • L9. Miriam and Aaron Were Jealous
  • L10. Twelve Spies
  • L11. Korah's Rebellion
  • L12. Aaron's Rod that Budded
  • L13. Moses Disobeyed
  • Review
    G2-3: WAI

    RWS #108: Give Us a King

  • L1: The Ark Was Returned
  • L2: Stone of Help
  • L3: Give Us a King
  • L4: Saul Was the First King
  • L5: Saul Disobeyed God
  • L6: Samuel Anointed David
    G1-6: RVW THK
  • L7: David Killed Goliath
    G1-2: RVW MZ
    G2-3: RVW MZ
    G4-6: RVW MZ
  • L8: David Loved Jonathan
    G1-6: RVW
  • L9: David Escaped
  • L10: David and Abigail
  • L11: David Spared Saul's Life
    G1-6: RVW THK
  • L12: Jonathan's Son
    G1-2: FB USW
    G3-6: FB
  • L13: Review Questions
  • RWS #109: King David

  • L1: Check It Out!
    G1-2: RVW THK FD
    G3-6: RVW THK HM
  • L2: David Made a Bad Choice
    G1-6: RVW
  • L3: Nathan's Parable Tells of David's Sin
  • L4: Absalom the Rebel
  • L5: Which Son?
  • L6: Plans for a Temple
  • L7: The Psalms
  • L8: Choose Good Friends
  • L9: My Shepherd
  • L10: Love God's Law
  • L11: The Glory of God
  • L12: God is Great
  • L13: Review Baseball Game
  • RWS #110: King Solomon

  • L1: Wise King Solomon
  • L2: Solomon and Two Mothers
    G1-6: Q&A
  • L3: Solomon Built the Temple
    G1-2: WF
    G2-3: WF
    G4-6: WF
  • L4: Solomon's Wealth
    G1-6: THK
  • L5: Solomon's Wives
    G1-6: THK
  • L6: What Is a Proverb?
  • L7: Evil Companions
    G1-6: THK
  • L8: Don't be a Talebearer
  • L9: Be Honest
  • L10: Ant, Mouse, Locust, Spider
  • L11: Trust God
  • L12: The Whole Duty of Man
  • L13: Review

    RWS #111: A Kingdom Divided

  • L1: The Kingdom Divides
    G2-3: Q&A
  • L2: Bad Advice
    G2-3: CWP
  • L3: Satan's Tricks
    G2-3: Q&A
  • L4: Abijah Died
  • L5: Asa, King of Judah
    G1-3: DM
    G2-4: MZ
  • L6: Jehoshaphat, a Good King
    G2-3: DM
  • L7: Wicked Queen Athaliah
    G2-3: HM
  • L8: Joash, Child King
    GN-1: CP
    G1-3: UE
    G2-3: MZ UST
  • L9: Uzziah Burned Incense
    G2-3: THK
  • L10: Good King Hezekiah
    G2-3: HM
    G4-5: HM
  • L11: The Sundial Moved Backward
    G2-3: UE
  • L12: Josiah, Another Child King
    G2-3: MZ DM
    G4-5: MZ
  • L13: Jehoiakim Burned God's Word
    G2-3: MTC DM

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