Cain and Abel
Genesis 4:1-16

Using the words below, fill in the right word to complete the sentence.
Abel accepted angry asked blood Cain

cursed farmer fruit God jealous keeper

Nod respected shepherd vagabond

  1. ______ was Adam and Eve's first born son.

  2. Abel was a __________ by trade.

  3. Cain was a ________ by trade.

  4. Adam and Eve's second born son was ____.

  5. God __________ Abel's offering.

  6. Cain became _______ because God did not respect his offering.

  7. God told Cain that if he did well, he would be __________.

  8. Cain killed Abel because he was _________.

  9. God _______ Cain where Abel was.

  10. Cain asked God, "Am I my brother's ________?"

  11. God said that Abel's _______ cried from the ground.

  12. God ______ Cain for what he had done.

  13. Cain became a __________.

  14. _____ put a mark on Cain so that no one would kill him.

  15. Cain moved to the land of _____.

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