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Homework in Sunday school? WHAT??? But isn't that DE-MOTIVATIONAL? Children already have homework in secular school. They won't want to do MORE homework!

Yes homework in Sunday school. Use of activities that review lesson facts and help children think and extend their understanding combined with a rewards program can be highly motivational and effective. Results I have seen thus far are as follows.

  1. Review of class materials outside of class helps children retain more knowledge.

  2. Children learn to be responsible to not lose their homework and to be disciplined to get their work done in advance of class. This will also help with secular school. (Believe me, I have boys in the 3rd and 5th grades!)

  3. The use of challenging homework encourages parental involvement. I cannot say enough about this. Parents should be involved in their children's religious training as it is one of their primary duties. Homework helps parents to be made aware of what their children are being taught. Challenging assignments (not too difficult though) will naturally engage the parents to have one-on-one discussions with their children.

One last note. Why not? We insist that our children study and do their secular homework. Isn't our children's religious education every bit, if not more, important?

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