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Rewards Program

A rewards program may be used to encourage children to complete assignments, memorize scripture, use analytical skills to apply lessons, and to encourage desirable behaviors and participation in class.

This rewards program is being used effectively in the classroom to encourage the completion and return of homework and the memorization of short verses.

Here's how the rewards program works:

  1. There are NO grades given. There is NO competition between the children. Children race against themselves to see how fast they can achieve rewards. If one child reaches a reward level before the others, the other children are not penalized. Once the child reaches the top level, he gets to start all over again and earn rewards at all the levels.

  2. Each child has a rewards chart posted in the classroom with his or her name on it. The chart has twenty boxes placed in four rows, each corresponding to a reward level. Teacher supply stores are excellent sources of these charts. Alternatively, you may use the BibleSchoolResources.Net reward charts.

  3. There are four reward boxes, each clearly labeled as to which level they apply. Clear small plastic boxes with locking lids work well. Labels may be made or you may use the BibleSchoolResources.Net reward labels. Keep rewards small. The dollar rack or store provides good choices. Suggested rewards are:
    • Level 1: fancy pencils, pencil sharpeners, penny candy
    • Level 2: fancy ballpoint pens, rolls of Life Savers, Blow Pops
    • Level 3: fancy gel and glitter pens, picture note pads, kid sunglasses, keyring toys for backpacks
    • Level 4: neon marker sets, travel games, mini flash lights, yo-yos

  4. Each week, children place a sticker on the chart if they have returned their homework completed and another sticker if they have memorized the assigned verse. Sometimes I give extra-credit assignments. The children get a third sticker if this work is done.

  5. During the course of the class, questions for which answers are not immediately apparent are sometimes asked to build logical reasoning skills. Children who eagerly participate may be rewarded with another sticker.

  6. When a child has filled up an entire row with stickers, he has completed that level and gets to choose a reward from the corresponding reward box.

If children complete all work, they will earn a reward every 2-3 Sundays. Longer times than that could prove discouraging.

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