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Building Thinking Skills

"Come now, and let us reason together," says the Lord - Isaiah 1:18

The Bible stresses the importance of logical, rational thinking. Thus, it is important that we help our children learn basic reasoning skills and to think critically.

The real key to learning to think rationally and critically is to not accept what we are told at face value, but to rather have a seeking heart that asks questions in search of more information and proof. This means that we WANT children to ask "how?" and "why?"

Here are some things you can do to help build thinking skills:

  • Lead open active group discussions. Encourage participation by calling on each child at some point of the discussion.

  • Help the children learn what questions to ask by doing so yourself. Ask questions of the class for which the answer is the next in a logical progression.

  • Minimize the use of questions that have the children simply recite back what they have heard or read. Such is important to reading comprehension, but does not help in critical thinking. Instead, challenge the children to apply what they have just heard to a new, slightly different area.

  • Encourage the children to ask questions. Take time to answer in terms they can understand. Verbally reward those who ask questions. (e.g., "That's a really great question, Johnny..." before answering the question)

  • Encourage parents to work with children one-on-one at home to apply and extend the principles taught in the lesson.

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