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Building Memory Skills

Memorization skills are important and necessary to success in all aspects of life. There is no magic here. Practice is the only way to obtain these skills.

Children will have difficulty at first, so it is important to start with easy assignments that will not discourage them. It is recommended that, especially at first, you do not insist on the children getting the passages correct word for word. The meaning, context, and location of the passage is the most important. However note that later in life, when looking up verses in a concordance or using a computerized search engine, it will be critical to recall key words and phrases exactly as written. It is also recommended that you use a translation that is in modern day English, such as the New King James version. Children will have a difficult enough time without having to learn a new language in the process.

After a short period of time, you will see a dramatic improvement in memory skills. As skills improve, more difficult or longer passages can be given. These skills will help the children better retain the lessons that they learn. For example, I was recently teaching a class of 2nd and 3rd graders on the establishment of the Communion, which was done during the Jewish Passover Feast. The children readily recalled the plague of the death angel and the Passover feast commemorating the event with amazing detail, even though the study of that subject had been well over a year in the past.

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