King Manasseh Repents

Think! Fruits Worthy of Repentance

2 Kings 21:1-18, 2 Chronicles 33:1-20

King Manasseh led Judah to do more evil than the nations God had destroyed. He rebuilt the high places that his father, King Hezekiah, had torn down, and even built altars to false gods in the house of the Lord! God allowed the Assyrians to capture Manasseh and Judah because of this. Manasseh did not learn from his forefathers and made the same mistakes again. Even so, Manasseh did eventually humble himself and pray to God. God heard his prayer and restored him to his throne in Jerusalem. Manasseh truly repented of his evil deeds. He removed the foreign gods from the house of God, and he repaired the Lord's altar and made peace offerings.

Think! Our Lesson Applied

In Matthew 3:8, John talks about "fruits worthy of repentance." What he means is that repentance is not just being sorry for what we have done. It involves actions. Repentance is a complete change of mind that leads us to change what we do. Repentance makes us to want to fix the bad things we have done. Manasseh sinned by putting idols in the house of God. When he repented, he removed the idols. If he had not done everything he could to "undo" these bad things, he would have not truly repented.
Put a check in the box if the story shows repentance or the box if the story does not show repentance.

1. Derek's parents found out that he stole a video game. They explain to him that he did something very bad. Derek tells his parents he is sorry, and then he asks them if he can keep the game.
2. Mickie got angry at his friend, Bobby, and broke Bobby's G. I. Joe. Bobby was very sad and cried. Mickie was sorry for making his friend sad. He said, "Here, Bobby. You can have my G. I. Joe."
3. Micah punched her little brother in the arm. "Micah!" Her mother exclaimed. "You know we are not supposed to hit other people!" "I'm sorry, Mom", said Micah. The next day when her mother was out of the room, Micah hit her brother again.
4. Rebeccah did not study for her history test. It was really easy to see Katie's paper. Katie was so smart! Rebeccah forgot to study because she was busy helping Mother take care of baby Sally. Rebeccah thought, "I didn't study because I was helping Mother. Besides, I'm not hurting anyone else." She copied Katie's answers. Next week in Bible class they talked about different ways we lie. One of the children asked if cheating was wrong. "Yes, John", the teacher said. "Cheating is telling the teacher that you know the answers when you don't, so it is a form of lying." Rebeccah felt awful. The next day, she told her teacher what she had done.

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