Jehoiachin Was Evil
2 Kings 24:8-16

1. The only people who remained in Jerusalem. (v14)
2. His mother and wives were carried away into captivity. (v15)
5. The _________ of the house of the LORD were taken away. (v13)
7. The country that fought against Jerusalem. (v10)
8. The age at which Jehoiachin was made king. (v8)
10. The king who besieged Jerusalem. (v10)

1. Jehoiachin was taken ________ by the king of Babylon. (v12)
3. One of the groups of the people of Judah listed as being carried away away into captivity. (v14)
4. Those who were ______ and fit for war were taken to Babylon as captives. (v16)
6. The kind of king that Jehoiachin was. (v9)
9. The kind of articles made by Solomon for the temple that were cut into pieces. (v13)

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